Works in your schedule & in your life.  It WORKS.

The studio

Sean Orr WORKS boasts top-of-the-line fitness equipment, from squat racks and leg presses to lat pulldowns and seated rows, by top industry brands CYBEX and ATLANTIS.  The studio also offers treadmills, ellipticals and arc trainers, as well as the Jacobs Ladder. a Versaclimber and a Concept II rowing machine.  Free weights, kettle bells, and TRX round out your workout to ensure that your whole body WORKS.

Clients are treated to two sleek state-of-the-art showers, a separate class space, and a spin room. Your favourite tunes are always playing on our sound system.

Filtered water and towels are free of charge.

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Sean Orr

Great bodies, like works of art, can't be mass-produced.  Great bodies take time, commitment, a high level of expertise and dedication. In short, they take WORK.  Sean Orr uses his personal experiences from his university and professional sports careers, his education and his personal training background and incorporates them into each client's program, to create a formula that achieves maximum results.  Sean Orr WORKS studio is a custom workshop for your body's individual needs.  

One of the city's few Biomechanics Specialists and an RTS trained fitness expert, Sean is a consummate professional who brings his love of his work and his passion for helping clients become their best selves to every hour.

Come and see for yourself:  Sean Orr WORKS and it will work for you.